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Cigarettes "Lights" kill more than usual

Global fight against one of the most terrible human vices, which, moreover, very much affects the others, that is, with smoking, goes to a new level. Scholar who absorbed by the idea of rescuing the health of mankind, and the Ministries of Health officials came to the idea that they have taken action earlier still not enough.

Already revealed that information on the pack, should be more detailed and better reflect the real impact of nicotine on the human body, tempting aroma of cigarettes must be eradicated altogether. Now, the criticism became so-called "lights" and "extra lights" tobacco. Fighters with nicotine claim: smoking - it is always difficult and harmful thing.

In fact, humanity, which is happy to find another cause for self-destructive, literally jumps on the "lights" cigarettes. According to the latest data, approximately one third of all smokers choose light cigarettes class for the very real reason that they seem to not harm their health and smoking can be virtually unlimited in comparison with the conventional. They hurt, as even hurt, the researchers argue.

Despite the fact that "lights" cigarettes contain a lower percentage of harmful tar and nicotine, in fact, the effect of them is not much different from the traditional product. For example, compared with non-smokers adherents lights, ultra-lights and extra-lights die of lung cancer more often. Destructive effect was that the smoker who enjoys relaxed smoky, prolonged forced deeper and more frequently to obtain the necessary dose of nicotine. From here, and all the misfortunes: cancer, and other troubles, which increased the risk of physicians traditionally associated with smoking. And - most unpleasant - it's much more harder to quit with a "lights" cigarettes

Meanwhile, an effective solution to the problem of "lights" cigarettes does play an important role in maintaining the health of mankind. Especially considering that most consumers of this product deceptively harmless - females, which often choose the appropriate stamps and aesthetic considerations of prestige.

In the United States, for example, cigarette smoking through self-class resort lights about 35 million people. There are no law that would regulate the content clearly inscriptions on the pack in terms of the danger it is for this class of cigarette smokers. While the European Union has already adopted rules of their respective countries. British scientists, who even before the Americans came to the conclusion underestimated hazard light cigarettes, said: "People, of course, know that smoking is harmful to health at all, the power of advertising is such that in most cases they are ready to look at it through my fingers . All cigarettes are fatal. "


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