More tips to quit

quit smoking tips
I've posted 5 stop smoking tips already and now we are keep on going...

6. Try to find cigarette alternatives.
Chewing gum, candy, nuts or toothpick... everything you like. And everytime you really want to smoke just put it into your mouth instead of cigarette.

7. Celebrate your victories every day.
Celebrate your every day without smoking and reward yourself with something that you like: a new DVD, a trip to the opera, a visit to your favorite shop, etc. You need it to make sure you acknowledge your efforts with a some prize (may be not very big, but pleasant).

8. Let's feel improve of your health and appearance.
Think about your tooth whitening, you're getting better smile, fresh breath and looks more appealing. Better skin and many more things that unavailable for smokers.

9. Be happy and enjoy your quitting.
Think positively, don't let the cigarettes get you down. You're not smoke's victim anymore. You're really free man and now you can say "bye bye" to tobacco companies that takes our health and money.

10. Never give up!
Remember! There're no one thing in the World, that can force you back to smoking... Be strong in even very hard life situations and don't let the nicotine makes it more harder. Even if you fail and smoke one cigarette, don't give up... Continue to fight as long as it takes.

First five stop smoking tips

smoke is killing you
1. Decide to stop.
Wanting to stop smoking is different from actually making a decision to quit. Note it! Write a potential date in calendar for when you are going to stop and every time remind yourself that you have made up your mind about it. It all goes with a decision. The other ways to stop smoking will then come easier.

2. Slow down with that.
All smokers usually whip out their cigarettes the moment they feel the urge. The next time you want to quit, slow yourself down and delay the process. Is there anything you can do instead of lighting up that very instant? Think of other important things to engage in and leave your cigarette box alone for a while. This will help to stop.

3. Get Rid of nicotine wishes!
Once you have practiced delaying the urge to light up, we suggest you stop smoking cold turkey. That's right, just throw your cigarettes away. This will be hard but you must to do this. Get rid of nicotine wishes. Throw away your ashtrays, lighters. This is one of the most important ways to stop smoking.

4. Shake Everything Up.
Rearrange your time so that your habits will loosen too. Eat at slightly different times of the day, switch your furniture around, and try to make everything at your home different to what it was before. The mental effect is that you'll acknowledge change, i.e., that things are different and you are no longer tied to the past.

5. Take your mind off the urge.
The urge to nicotine will still be strong, perhaps even stronger during this period. So whenever you fell like smoking, distract yourself with something - job, family, hobby, pets, your car. Just physically do something that will take your mind off the urge and onto something else.

Really want to stop smoking

really want to stop smoking
Do you really want to quit smoking and actually mean it? All that you need is better health, improve your life's quality or just non nicotine stained teeth and fingers or you plain to get healthier baby... any reason should be very important for you to do that job well. Tobacco companies have known that the addiction to nicotine is a powerful one to overcome, which is why they at one time developed chemicals that would aid in increasing the nicotine move to the bloodstream to enhance and intensify the addiction. Very good business similar to drug dealers with only one difference: it's much more easy to quit! Don't afraid of any symptoms when you give up smoking, remember that your body fills with health after every hour, day, week, month without cigarettes.


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