Other Dreary Effects of Smoking

Aside from developing serious lung and heart diseases as well as acquiring short-term effects from the habit, you can also experience other grave consequences when you get addicted to smoking. These health-related consequences include dental and hygiene problems.

Smoking may sound and appear cool, but this habit is really unhygienic. As you continue smoking, your teeth will eventually get yellowish or brownish stains since sticky tar deposits stay on your teeth. Also with smoking, you can develop plaque that rigidly forms on your teeth. When this happens, you will need to have the plaque remove by means of dental cleaning.

Aside from developing stains on your teeth, you are also bound to experience gum problems as a result to smoking. Dental reports show that excessive smoking can cause mouth inflammation or swelling. Cigars and tobaccos can also restrain the flow of blood in your gum tissues, thus limiting the absorption of essential nutrients to the bones as well as in the periodontal support of your teeth.

Meanwhile, smoking can also increase the risk of loosing your teeth. Medical studies related to smoking state that the average rate for tooth damage among smokers now range to 1.5 to 2.9 percent every 10 years. This means that if you begin smoking at age 18, you are likely to lose five teeth when you turn 35.

In addition, smoking can also delay the healing process of any dental procedure or surgery, and it can eventually lead to a serious mouth condition called dry socket. Apart from lung and heart diseases, you can also acquire oral cancer of the esophagus, larynx, and pharynx from too much cigarette and tobacco consumption. Also, you will most certainly have less successful dental treatments and implants if you are a heavy smoker or if you are regularly exposed to second hand smoke emissions.

And as if those were not enough, cigar and tobacco smoking can also ruin your physical appearance. Aside from making your skin look dull, smoke from your cigars can also make your hair stink and appear lank or dull. Compared to smokers, non-smokers' hair are healthier and shinier. Besides acquiring dry and smelly hair, your hair can also lose its strength and hold. Smoking can cause hair breakage as nutrients and oxygen no longer flow normally inside your body. When your hair starts to break off, this means that your hair doesn't receive the essential nutrients it requires to stay strong and healthy.

Furthermore, do not wonder if you are one heavy smoker and people are starting to distance from you; you may have acquired, more or less, a dry and stinky smell on your body and even on your clothes. You see, the smoke lingers on your clothes until you wash them. As such, regularly washing and dry-cleaning your clothes will eventually weaken the fibres, thus causing your clothes to wear out quickly. Smoking can also give a distinct, stinky smell on your body as the cigarettes' components blend into your perspiration and release through your pores.

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